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PlayThink University is a conscientious community of collaborative modern creatives from many disciplines and walks of life. Our mission is to bring the PlayThink Festival experience straight to your home. We've got activities for the whole family! Get unlimited access 24/7/365 to NEW classes each month!

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How Does PlayThink University Benefit You?

Try New Skills In the Comfort of Your Home

Maybe you would like to try out a brand new skill before attempting an in-person PlayShop at PlayThink?

PlayThink University brings the magic of PlayShops to your home!

Connect With the PlayThink Community

Feel Homesick after leaving the festival each year? Now you can stay connected with PlayThink all year long!

Inclusive & Friendly for All Ages

You & your your family can enjoy the magic of PlayThink University PlayShops together! PTU even has creative play and music videos from an award winning Instructor!

Expand Your Practice

Looking to 'level up' your skills such as yoga, belly dancing, meditation, flow arts, and more? Come try our PlayShops!

A Myriad of Classes to Choose From

PlayThink University has over 88+ different videos available to users ranging from Yoga, Meditation, Hooping, Poi, Artwork, Slinkies, and more from talented instructors!

It's always festival season at PlayThink University!

PlayThink, the place where you can both find yourself in your art and lose yourself in the freedom of expression.

Come find (or lose) yourself with us!

Access to Streaming 24/7/365!

Wherever you are - PlayThink will be there!

Available for TV platforms and apps

Meet Your New Instructors!

​​Explore Our Classes

Enjoy learning and exploring a new activity from the comfort of your own home! Go at your own pace - start, stop, rewind and repeat! With new videos being added each month, you can't go wrong!

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price option <p><span class="text-xl">Monthly - 74¢ per day</span></p>

Monthly - 74¢ per day


  • Unlimited Access 24/7

  • New Classes Each Month

  • Movement | Mindfulness | Art | Playshops

  • 10+ Amazing Instructors & GROWING!

price option <p><span style="color: var(--hp-color-text, #1b2733);"><span class="text-lg">​​Annually&nbsp;(Save&nbsp;15%) - 61¢ per day</span></span></p>

​​Annually (Save 15%) - 61¢ per day


  • Unlimited Access 24/7

  • New Classes Each Month

  • Movement | Mindfulness | Art | Playshops

  • 10+ Amazing Instructors & GROWING!

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